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The new research capsule is now available!

The SBP capsules enable us to adapt and accomplish a sufficient biomass, in a suspended form. Coated with a semi-permeable membrane, the SBP only allows dissolved molecules to traverse across the membrane, while keeping the microorganisms inside. Your microorganisms will grow inside a confined environment.


The SBP has found applications in many fields including wastewater treatment, fermentation, microorganism's interactions and microbial ecology. BioCastle is offering you a "ready to use" encapsulation method for your own bacterial culture (Macro-capsule formulation, 2.5 cm long).

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AC-10 || NatiCap E-coli - Escherichia coli (TG1)
AC-11 || NatiCap B- subtilis - Bacillus subtilis
AC-12 || NatiCap P- fluorescence - Pseudomonas fluorescence
AC-13 || NatiCap P- putida - Pseudomonas putida
AC-14 || NatiCap R- zopfii - Rhodoccoccus zopfii
AC-15 || NatiCap R- rhodochrous - Rhodoccoccus rhodochrous
AC-16 || NatiCap B- Acitenobacter - Acitenobacter B2
AC-17 || NatiCap De- nitro - De-nitrification bacterial blend
AC-18 || NatiCap S- cerevisiae - Saccharomyces cerevisiae
AC-19 || NatiCap T- Versicolor - Trametes Versicolor

Important notes and Terms:
  1. The culture inside the SBP capsules are delivering in a dry state (dormant bacteria). The optimum temperature for delivery and storage is 4°C-25°C. please note that by choosing a transport by regular delivery mail without having a temperature control, might affect the potency of the product.
  2. The client is understand that the SBP capsules is not a sterile device and therefore, might having some other microorganisms in addition to the introduced culture.
  3. The client will not transfer the SBP capsules to a third party without a written approval from BioCastle.
  4. In a case of publication, kindly please acknowledge that you are using SBP capsules product of BioCastle Water Technologies Ltd. . Reference for a patent application is: PCT/IL2010_256 or WO2010/122545 A9.
  5. This quotation is valid for 30 days.