Bio Castle - Bio Engineering the Environment

Welcome to the BioCastle homepage, an environmental biotechnology company that is developing and marketing a novel technology: The SBP (Small Bioreactor Platform) technology. The SBP technology is used to treat water (contaminated ground water, reservoirs, and rivers), wastewater (domestic and industrial), aquaculture contaminated process water and contaminated soil. We have the capability to bio-engineer the client plant environment in order to achieve up to 20% process yield increases, without altering the infrastructure.


The new research capsule is now available!

The SBP capsules enable us to adapt and accomplish a sufficient biomass, in a suspended form. Coated with a semi-permeable membrane, the SBP only allows dissolved molecules to traverse across the membrane, while keeping the microorganisms inside. Your microorganisms will grow inside a confined environment.


The SBP has found applications in many fields including wastewater treatment, fermentation, microorganism's interactions and microbial ecology. BioCastle is offering you a "ready to use" encapsulation method for your own bacterial culture (Macro-capsule formulation, 2.5 cm long).

Inland Aquaculture

Bio Castle and Sea Dream Fisheries (a subsidiary of Microdel) are establishing a mutual company to commercialize the SBP capsules by Bio-Castle in the aquaculture markets.