Bio Castle - Bio Engineering the Environment

Welcome to the BioCastle homepage, an environmental biotechnology company that is developing and marketing a novel technology: The SBP (Small Bioreactor Platform) technology. The SBP technology is used to treat water (contaminated ground water, reservoirs, and rivers), wastewater (domestic and industrial), aquaculture contaminated process water and contaminated soil. We have the capability to bio-engineer the client plant environment in order to achieve up to 20% process yield increases, without altering the infrastructure.


Bio Capsule -Research Kit

Ready to use bioreactors, effectively support microorganism growth and proliferation in aquatic mediums and water saturated ground.

The highly affordable SBP Research Kit is changing how experiments are done in research laboratories.

SBP Research Kit capsules are shipped sterile & can be populated with various types of microorganisms including bacteria, archaea, yeast and other types of fungi. Population is completed within minutes.

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