SBP Capsules

Encapsulate your own microorganism cultures in a confined medium protected by a microfiltration membrane.

Get your SBP capsules research kit which includes 50 SBP capsules for exploring the capabilities of your own microorganism cultures.



The SBP capsules allow us to adapt and accomplish sufficient biomass of selected bacterial culture in a suspended form. The SBP capsules are coated with a semi-permeable membrane, enabling only dissolved molecules to traverse across the membrane, while keeping the microorganisms inside the capsule at favorable growth conditions. Microorganism cultures will grow inside a confined environment for a period of up to 2 months.

The SBP has found applications in many fields including wastewater treatment, fermentation, microorganism interactions and microbial ecology. BioCastle is offers researchers a "ready to use" encapsulation method for the implementation of their own bacterial culture (Macro-capsule, 2.5 cm long).