Background: A dining services manufacturing site (catering) that produces over 200 cubic meters of oil, fats and grease-enriched wastewater per day. The only treatment process that this site had was DAF (fat, oils and grease separator and pH adjustment). The plant wastewater therefore did not comply with regulations for COD and nitrogen sewage disposal. The project’s aim was to reduce organic matter and nitrogen to the regulations level without the need for significant infrastructure investment and complicated operational activity.

Some minor infrastructure changes were conducted prior to SBP technology implementation: The equilibrium tank before the DAF was divided (30 cubic meters volume were allocated for building a bioreactor) and hydraulics were changed, directing the wastewater to the DAF treatment process following flow into the bioreactor that encased the SBP capsules (HRT-approximately 4 h). A crane was attached to a perforated cage for SBP capsules implementation.

We have been operating the project for over 3 years (project is still operating), with good results and almost no operational problems.

The following draws presenting the treatment infrastructure before and after the SBP technology implementat

Before SBP technology implementation

After SBP technology implementation