Bio Castle and Sea Dream Fisheries (a subsidiary of Microdel) are establishing a mutual company to commercialize the SBP capsules by Bio-Castle in the aquaculture markets. 

Recirculating aquaculture systems (RAS) for fish culture are in use for decades. The interest in RAS is due to their advantages such as greatly reduced land and water requirements, application in places where water resources are limited; consistent production (annual and little size variation); reduced environmental impacts; and improved production efficiency.

Because of its intensive nature, RAS also has disadvantages like rapid deterioration of the water quality, if the water treatment processes are not controlled properly. Some RAS water quality problems include equipment failure (e.g. DO crashes); nitrogenous waste accumulation creating toxic metabolites; hydrogen sulfide accumulation; and high total pathogen loading.

In order to address the issues above while growing fish intensely in a zero-discharge system, we set up an extended lab plant (3m3) which produces Sea Bream in artificial sea water (2.8 % salinity) with filters based solely on the SBP technology. The plant is located in Tzemach industrial area inside a container, it is not connected to any water infrastructure and the amount of water exchanged in the system is near zero (daily water exchange is lower than 0.1% of total water volume). This is a global scale achievement!

Pictures of our extended lab plant within a 20 ft. container (Upper left). Our innovative biofilters (Bottom left) allow us to feed the fish extensively in order to reach a rapid growth rate.


The partnership is now designing its first commercial system

We also implement the SBP capsules in existing facilities for better results, such as

  • Decrease of Ammonia and Nitrite
  • Decrease Nitrates

Which result in:

  • Less water discharge
  • Ability to feed more
  • Maintaining temperatures

Picture (Upper): Monitoring the water chemistry of the open fish growing pond, prior possibly implementation of BioCastle bio-filter.
Bottom pictuer: SBP capsules implemented in an exsisting fish growing farm with an insufficient bio-filter. The SBP technology reduces ammonia and nitrate resulting in incresing daily feeding amounts.


We are offering tailored made solutions for the fishery market.